An “open resource bank” of different well-educated migrants who can give lectures in different topics in different higher education institutions is created. The needs of the partner universities are mapped out and lectures in different subjects and faculties are piloted. In addition, there are created shared courses where the university lecturers and the migrant lecturers can share their expertise online, learn from each other and co-create new innovative learning outcomes that benefit both teachers and students, including participating NGOs.

Guest Lecture: Integrations- Awareness/Language/Culture

Guest Lecture: Thinking beyond the lines (Learning out of school/certificates)

Guest Lecture: Mental Health- Balance between Student & Social life

Guest Lecture: What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

Guest Lecture: Building Networks/Connections

Guest Lecture: Sustainable Finance, Economic implications

Guest Lecture: Politicization of migration and its impacts on European integration

Link to the Lecture on Youtube

Guest Lecture: Challenges faced by migrant and refugee women in integration process