ILO- ROME by Dominic

ILO co-creation workshop aimed at building an online learning platform to promote integration, equity, cultural sustainability in the growing multicultural European societies. For me as student participant, it was an honour and an experience I will never forget because it was a great platform that gave me the insight about the experiences and opportunities of migrants across Europe. It is a kind of workshop I will always recommend for all students and lecturers across the world.

I learnt great ideas and got to know of new online tools that can be used to promote learning in various aspect of education. Meeting new people across the globe who by education have settled in different European countries was a fantastic experience for me. The organisers and facilitators were very open minded and were very ready for a feedback and this teaches me how to tolerate people from different backgrounds. The most interesting part for me was the team discussions and presentations. Participants were given topics to discuss and build a curriculum. This was an amazing moment for me because, I learnt different styles of putting your argument on board during discussions. Every person must experience this workshop.If you want to know about different cultures and learn new things, then ILO co-creation workshop is the best platform to take advantage of. Great workshop of all standard, thanks to the partner universities and the funders of this workshop.